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‘Walking Dead’ Creator Admits There is One Character He Can’t Kill Off

If you’ve been watching the show, or even reading the comics, you’ll know that there are almost zero characters who have “plot armor” — the invisible force that keeps fictional characters from being killed off because they are too important to the story.

Robert Kirman, the creator of The Walking Dead, has reminded fans on many occasions that “no one is safe.” Hell, even baby Judith dies in the comics (although she is alive and well on the show). Most fans think that Rick and Carl are immune to being killed off, and many are hoping that Daryl will live for many more episodes. And there is one character that Kirkman recently said is unkillable, and it’s not who you think.

Michonne? Glenn? Abraham? Nope.

It’s Carol, a character who was vastly different in the comics and died years ago in that version of the Walking Dead universe. Kirman explained himself:

“The Carol that’s in the comic was my attempt to show just how broken an individual can become from the zombie apocalypse. The Carol in the show, which is a much better character let’s be honest, actually is made stronger by all the more horrible things that happen to her in the show. Killing her would definitely not … we can’t do that.” (Via Vulture)

Carol has quietly become the badass savior of the group, acting as both mother hen and lethal enforcer when needed. We guess fans can probably consider her safe — for now. Maybe this is all a ploy by Kirkman so we let our guard down. If the show’s history is anything to go by, you can expect at least one major character to meet their untimely demise by the end of season six.

We’re hoping it’s this guy, who happens to be named Nicholas.


Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

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