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This ‘Game of Thrones’ Theory Could Explain Tyrion’s Worried Look at the End of Season 7

It finally happened. The moment that Game of Thrones have been waiting seven seasons (or two decades) for. Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen finally hooked up, combining Fire and Ice (even if it was shown at the same time as Bran Stark monologuing about them actually being related).

One strange thing about the scene (besides an aunt getting down with her nephew) was Tyrion Lannister creeping outside the bedroom door, with a worried look on his face. Why does he care who Daenerys sleeps with? We’ve seen no indication that he has romantic feelings of his own for the Queen, so what’s his problem?

Here’s an interesting theory from Nerdist that may explain things.

Let’s back up a bit. After Cersei walks out of the original truce negotiations, Tyrion decides he will go talk his sister alone — a pretty risky move, all things considered. Viewers see some of this heated conversion, but it abruptly ends when Tyrion correctly guesses that Cersei is pregnant. After that, Cersei returns to the Dragon Pit and promises to help Jon and Dany fight the army of the dead.

Why did she change her mind?

The theory goes like this: What if Tyrion promised Cersei that her unborn child would be made the successor to Daenerys’ rule? After all, the Dragon Queen seems quite certain that she can’t have children of her own and Tyrion has already alluded to the fact that “there are other ways to choose a successor.” Naming unborn baby Lannister as the heir to the throne might be the perfect way to force a truce between the two sides before more people are killed. It would also serve to unite humanity against the White Walkers.

Of course, that plan goes right out the window if Daenerys gets romantically involved with Jon Snow. Perhaps they will want an heir of their own (does Westeros have adoption?) or maybe Jon was right about Dany not getting reliable medical advice from an Essos witch doctor. If Jon and Dany have a child of their own as a result of their new love affair, Tyrion’s promise to Cersei (if this theory is correct) would crumble to ashes.

All that said, we later found out that Cersei never intended to follow through on her promise to send troops North. That could null whatever agreement she made with Tyrion. Unless you’re a fan of that other theory about Tyrion planning to betray to Daenerys, which could also explain why he was gazing sadly at the door while little dragon babies were being made.

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Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

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