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The Walking Dead: Why The Toy Soldier Daryl Found Is Significant

The Walking Dead’s season finale (thankfully) didn’t end with a frustrating cliffhanger like the infamous final episode of Season 6, but it did conclude with a small moment that is obviously significant, but ended up leaving some viewers scratching their heads.

As indicated by the confused tweets above, the scene in question involved Daryl coming across a little wooden soldier with the words “didn’t know” scrawled on it. So who left this message for Daryl? It had to have been Dwight.

As may or may not recall, when we first met Dwight all the way back in the first half of last season, he gave Daryl a wooden soldier he had carved, which means that Daryl would know it was Dwight who left this fresh one. Dwight had initially defected to Rick’s side in the early part of the finale, but ultimately went back with Negan after the Garbage People betrayed Rick.

While Dwight’s actions would seem to indicate that he was on Negan’s side the whole time, his “didn’t know” message is his way of letting Daryl and the rest of Rick’s group know that he was oblivious to the double cross and is still on Rick’s side. Whether Daryl or anyone else will actually believe him is anyone’s guess — after all, Daryl did tell Rick that he’s going to kill Dwight no matter what — and Dwight’s true allegiance is sure to be one of the major conflicts of Season 8.

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)