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‘The Walking Dead’ Promises Answers to “Old Man Rick” Very Early in Season 8

The Walking Dead got a very extended Season Eight trailer a couple weeks ago at the San Diego Comic Con, which you can see right here. Along with plenty of footage from the upcoming new season, the trailer ended with a very strange scene — even for comic book readers.

After a close-up shot of a walking cane, we see Rick Grimes laying in a bed, looking much older than the Rick we currently know. Comic readers immediately recognized the older Rick (with a cane) as a sign of the show going ahead with the same time jump that the book did. After the war with Negan, the timeline in the comics jumped ahead two years. Of course, that war is just starting on the television show, so the appearance of “Old Man Rick” left many fans confused.

Executive producer and Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman recently addressed the ending of the trailer, promising that viewers won’t have to wait long to get some answers.

“I’m pretty sure you’ll learn in the first episode what that means,” Kirkman said, according to Entertainment Weekly. “That is an intriguing tidbit that we did throw out there on purpose, and we’re hoping that people continue to question how it is that fits into the storyline and what it is,” he said. “Comic book fans know where a scene that kind of looked like that would fall, but it also doesn’t seem like we would be getting to that just yet if you were a comic book fan, so there’s a mystery to that.”

I’m betting it’s a dream sequence and/or vision, because the writing on The Walking Dead has been far too lazy to come up with anything more creative lately. The show will return to AMC on October 22.

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

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