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The Walking Dead: Negan Drops All The F-Bombs In The Uncensored Season 6 Finale

In an alternate reality, viewers who tuned into the heavily-criticized season six finale of The Walking Dead last March would have been introduced to an extremely potty-mouthed Negan; not the toned down, censored version that AMC put to air. Fortunately, the uncensored edition of the episode from the upcoming season six Blu-ray sets things right by featuring a Negan who is not afraid to drop an obscene amount of f-bombs.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, which has seen the uncensored finale, Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s newly introduced villain utters the f-word in various forms a whopping 23 times over the course of his 11-minute monologue. Here’s a particularly inspired example, which readers will recognize from Robert Kirkman’s original comic book series:

“I am gonna beat the holy f— f—ing f—ety f— out of one of you.”

On broadcast TV, this line was neutered to “I’m gonna beat the holy hell out of one of you,” which just doesn’t quite have the same impact.

“There’s no way [Negan] could drop that amount of f-bombs that he does in the comic on TV,” said showrunner Scott M. Gimple back in March. “There’s simply no way. In some way, it can’t be full on, but as long as we have the full-on version, they will come out and people will be able to watch them. That to me was the most important thing, that the full-on Negan exists and it’s available. What version gets on TV, that’s down to experimentation. Jeffrey’s performance is so amazing that I hope people aren’t hanging on the fact that we aren’t saying the f-word in that moment. Especially if they can watch it later. It comes down to either having it and censoring it out in some way or another or not having it. The one thing nobody wants to do is for it not being there to diminish the experience.”

Fans who want to hear Negan as he’s supposed to sound will have to wait until August 23 when the Blu-ray is officially released, but here’s a breakdown of Negan’s creative use of those 23 f-bombs:

F—: 3
F—ed: 2
F—ing: 16
F—er: 1
F—ety: 1

Honestly, we would have been fine with like five more “F—etys.”

(Source: The Hollywood Reporter)

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)