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The Walking Dead Erases A Major Actor’s Name From Credit Sequences

Viewers hoping for a happy resolution to last week’s tragic events on The Walking Dead may want to start moving on, as AMC notably removed a certain actor’s name from the opening and closing credits of last night’s episode, “Here’s Not Here.”

If you want to avoid spoilers, you should probably stop reading this now (let’s be real though; everyone already knows what happened last week because, internet).

Yes, Steven Yuen’s name was absent from The Walking Dead‘s credit sequences, for the first time since the show’s pilot. His character Glenn was for all intents and purposes killed off in last week’s episode, “Thank You,” and this latest development seems to add one more nail to the coffin. Then again, AMC and the show’s creative team have been particularly coy about confirming the character’s death, with showrunner Scott Gimple cryptically addressing it on last week’s segment of The Talking Dead and executive producer David Alpert making the following statement during an interview with Variety last week, in which he refused to outright confirm Glenn’s death:

“We will find out what happened to Glenn… I feel like, regardless of what happened to Glenn, he paid a tremendous price for having been human to Nicholas, and that, to me, from an emotional point-of-view — whether or not Glenn is alive or dead or something else — the Glenn that we knew, the one that believed in the better side of humanity, I think is dead.”

Basically, AMC is having a blast trolling fans with this storyline, as last night’s episode also focused wholly on Morgan, which was clearly a calculated move to make the wait to find out the truth of Glenn’s fate even more excruciating. Nicely played, Walking Dead.

(via: Variety)

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)