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The Power Rangers are coming back in a big way with a new movie, and the question on a lot of fans minds is which villains will they fight? Villains, of course, have always been central to the Power Rangers franchise. The original series, and its various spinoffs, featured a huge gallery of villains – many of them truly strange and ridiculous. Writers for the Power Rangers seemed to delight in creating one outrageous villain after another. Over time, it almost seemed as though the series was trying to outdo even their own craziness when it came to the baddies, and fans loved it. Let’s take a stroll down memory lane — here is a list of the most ridiculous Power Rangers villains.

10. See Monster

Monsters with extra eyes are always pretty creepy. The Power Rangers writers must have known this when they created See Monster, a villain whose main claim to fame is that he has many, many eyes covering his body. Adding to the creepiness of this evil doer is the fact that he also opens up his body like a trench coat to reveal even more eyes. This basically looks like he is flashing people and then ogling them with his multitude of eyes. It’s all pretty damn gross, but inventive at the same time. The Power Rangers creative team gets full marks for inventiveness with this villain, which appeared in Season 3 of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. One flash and people are never the same again. Via

9. Pursehead

Definitely in the category of ridiculous is the villain known as Pursehead. What makes him so crazy is the fact that it is a literal interpretation of its name, a regular old purse. This monster literally has a giant purse for a head. This villain came about when Lord Zed decided to take one of Kimberly’s possessions and bring it to life. A Z-Putty stole her purse, so Lord Zed created a monster from it. The rest, as they say, is history. Kimberly’s purse becomes Pursehead. We know, it’s weird. As is pointed out in the episode, the purse is actually a coin purse that fits inside of a larger normal purse. Lord Zed, or course, is not content to simply create a monster with a coin purse for a head. He also brings to life everything inside of the purse, including a hair brush and a compact. Via

8. Chunky Chicken

This villain could easily be mistaken for the mascot of a fried chicken restaurant. Yet he is still plenty evil and not to be underestimated by the Power Rangers or anyone else. Chunky Chicken was created when Rita Repulsa and Finster put their heads together — Rita wanted to create a truly cruel monster, and Finster happened to be hungry at the time and thinking of fried chicken. We’ll let you imagine the rest. The end result of this cooperation was Chunky Chicken, a terribly mean bird that gave the original Power Rangers fits during the 1990s. This rather silly villain has to use giant scissors to tear open time and space itself to move around. He also doesn’t take kindly to insults from the Power Rangers and is prone to firing lasers from his mouth (neat trick). Via

7. Pumpkin Rapper

Rap and hip hop music was arguably at its zenith in the 1990s, so why wouldn’t the Power Rangers try and cash in on the craze. As classic 90s songs like “Nothin’ But A G’ Thang” and “O.P.P” flooded the airwaves, the Power Rangers introduced Pumpkin Rapper. Why he’s a pumpkin, we’re not exactly sure. But this villain’s strength seems to be that he distracts people with his clever raps and rhymes. The evil Zordon declares several times that “Pumpkin rappin’ is about to happen!” in the episode featuring Pumpkin Rapper. And the raps spewed by the pumpkin are pretty awful. Almost as awful as when the Power Rangers tried their hands at rapping back. (That was real bad). A sample of Pumpkin Rapper’s rhymes: “Trick or treat, you’re incomplete until the Power Rangers you can beat. All you are is full of pumpkin meat.” The climax of the episode features Pumpkin Rapper in a rap battle of the ages, that is best left forgotten. Via

6. Pineoctopus

Before Sharktopus and Whalewolf, the Power Rangers featured a super ridiculous villain called Pineoctopus, which was basically a cross between another villain called Pineapple the Clown and an octopus. This proved to be a truly odd combination. On his own, Pineapple the Clown was bad enough. But when paired with an octopus, it took matters to a whole other level. Viewers back in the day didn’t really understand this villain and time has not softened the impact of Pineoctopus. Over 20 years later, this villain is still ridiculous. In addition to having come from a creepy clown character, Pineoctopus is also the only monster created that could withstand most of the Dinozord’s attacks. Power Rangers trivia: Pineoctopus is also the only monster to be defeated by the cranial laser. Now you know. Via

5. Mr. Ticklesneezer

This demented villain seems to have been pulled directly from a children’s fairy tale. He kind of looks like Dopey from Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, but on steroids. What makes Mr. Ticklesneezer seem particularly ridiculous is that this guy doesn’t really seem like he’s that dangerous. He looks like he’s about to fall asleep or could be knocked over by a slight breeze. Apparently this villain was created from the character Trini Kwan’s favorite childhood doll. Mr. Ticklesneezer didn’t make much of an impression when he debuted on the Power Rangers. However, he eventually morphed into a Santa Clause-like villain called Grumble the Elf, which seemed to suit him. His signature characteristic was that he collected objects such as cars, buildings, and evev people in glass baubles. Weird, but right up the Power Rangers alley. Via

4. Artistmole

The Artistmole villain, in all his ridiculousness, was pulled out of one of Kimberly’s dreams by Lord Zedd and represents her view of her mother’s fiancée, who is apparently a very weird person. This is a very obvious nod to “daddy issues.” But Artistmole, who is a French chef, actually becomes one of the most laughable villains to ever grace the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers television series. Really, Artistmole would be better off in the movie Ratatouille than on a kung fu children’s show. Really, Artistmole didn’t do much on the show except get defeated by the Ninja Megafalconzord. This villain basically existed just to show off the cool things that the Power Rangers can do. Kind of lame. Via

3. Gnarly Gnome

Fan favorite Gnarly Gnome deserves a high ranking on this list. Another of Finster’s creations, Gnarly Gnome was made with that wacky clay stuff that was often used to create villains and monsters out of thin air. Kids who watched the original Power Rangers series actually liked Gnarly Gnome a lot – and not just because of his name. Gnarly Gnome was one tough cookie with plenty of powers, and he often gave the Power Rangers a run for their money until eventually succumbing (of course). Gnarly Gnome is popular enough that he’s featured in many of the Power Rangers video games. Gnarly Gnome is also extremely loud and has many weapons at his disposal. He’s still really weird, but also a little cool as far as Power Rangers villains go. Via

2. Cavity

Nobody scares kids (and even many adults) quite like the dentist. And the folks behind the Power Rangers took full advantage of that fact with the villain known as Cavity. Sure, the costume on this character is goofy looking, but kids feared this character who was always complaining of a tooth ache and looking to give one to the Power Rangers. The episode in that Cavity appeared in was called “The Tooth Hurts,” which is a delightful pun. Still, we can’t help but feel that the writers could have done more with this character. His frightening appearance seems to be the only distinguishing thing about Cavity. He doesn’t appear to have any powers to speak of, or superior strength. Perhaps Cavity was just meant to be a cautionary warning to kids about the dangers of not brushing your teeth? Via

1. Magnet Brain

Okay, hands down the most ridiculous Power Rangers villain of all time has to be Magnet Brain. Another villain whose name and appearance are taken quite literally (he’s called Magnet Brain because his head is a giant magnet). This character is so strange and utterly ridiculous that it inspires awe and wonder. As is often the case, Lord Zedd created this monster for the Power Rangers to battle out of one of Billy’s science projects, called a polarizer. The result is a villain that has a magnet for a head and uses it as his main weapon. He sticks his head to the Megazord to deliver punishment. The Power Rangers have a difficult time with this villain, and often struggle to stop him. He’s tougher than you might think. Nevertheless, the Power Rangers eventually succeed in defeating Magnet Brain, just as they do all the strange and ridiculous villains on this list. Via

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