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Some People Already Know Who Negan Kills, But They Aren’t Talking

In what will easily go down as one of the most notorious cliffhangers in television history, the mystery of who is greeted by Negan’s barbed-wire bat on The Walking Dead is closer to coming to an end.

Although us regular fans still have no idea who gets popped with Lucille, people working on the show already know. Not only have some of the actors confirmed it on Twitter, but executive producer Greg Nicotero revealed to that they have also shown the scripts and footage of the scene to people who are directing other episodes of Season Seven.

“Some of the incoming directors, when they come in, they read all the scripts,” said Nicotero. “As the cuts are available, we went them to see because we want them to get a flavor for what we’re doing visually. A couple of people have seen it and then they stand next to me for about 24 hours going, ‘F**k!’ And I’m like, ‘What?’”

The scene was actually filmed about a month ago, as cast and crew resumed production of the show so that it can return to TV in the fall. Somehow, everyone has been able to keep Negan’s victim a secret. For now, anyway. There are plenty of theories though, including some actors who have already agreed to appear in different projects, leading to speculation that they have been written off the show.

Nicotero says that the cast and crew is excited about finally making the big reveal, despite the widespread backlash that the show received from fans when it ended Season Six with that brutal teasing cliffhanger.

“It’s pretty amazing, I’ll tell ya,” he said. “People cry which makes me happy and sad at the exact same time.”

Season Seven of The Walking Dead hits AMC sometime this fall, probably in October.

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

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