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Robert Kirkman: Season Six of ‘Walking Dead’ is “Very Closely Tied” to The Comics

If you are a Walking Dead super nerd and have read all the comic books, you’ll know that the television show has some very significant differences from the source material. We even discussed some of the major ones right here. But series creator Robert Kirkman says in USA Today that the upcoming season will have certain plot lines that comic readers will be very familiar with.

“Season 6 has a vast amount of big moments pulled from the comics,” Kirkman revealed. “The two are very closely tied at this point.”

“We have groups of people that have transformed at different rates with different ways of surviving, all in the same place,” he added. “The people of Alexandria aren’t quite as prepared for this world as Rick and his crew are. We also have Wolves, who are perhaps closer to Rick’s group than they are to the people of Alexandria, but have a much more savage way of life.”

The Wolves were not in the comics, although there are plenty of similar groups that they could be filling in for (Negan’s cutthroat group of “Saviors”, perhaps?). Season six debuts Sunday night on AMC with a 90-minute episode.

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

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