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Potential Negan Victim Might Have Just Accidentally Ruled Himself Out

The big cliffhanger at the end of Season Six of The Walking Dead might have one less possibility now, thanks to a recent interview by one of the actors.

Potential Spoilers Ahead!!

There are 11 potential victims for Negan and Lucille — Rick, Daryl, Eugene, Glenn, Carl, Michonne, Aaron, Sasha, Rosita, Abraham, and Maggie. We feel confident that Rick and Carl are safe, so that leaves nine. But one of them is definitely getting their head caved in by Negan’s barbed wire bat.

There are a lot of people who think the show will throw a curveball at comic readers, who expect Glenn to get offed in the same manner as he did in the iconic Issue #100 of The Walking Dead. If the show does offer up a different sacrificial character, the odds-on-favorite is probably Abraham. Think about it. He’s been around long enough that his death will mean something. It will hurt (although not as much as the death of Daryl or Glenn would hurt). Plus, his character dies in the comic right around the same time as Negan’s first appearance. He actually takes the crossbow arrow to the eye in the books, the same way that Denise did in the show.

However, the actor who plays Abraham (Michael Cudlitz) may have just accidently put a big dent in that speculation. In an interview with Popsugar, Cudlitz talks about his character avoiding the crossbow arrow to the eye and certainly makes it sound like he will be around for a lot more of Season Seven than just the first few minutes.

“[Denise’s] death spurs on a whole bunch of other stuff, and then the audience knows that Abraham will continue for a while now. Now we get to see what a world with Negan and Abraham both in it will be like. That’s something we don’t see in the graphic novels. So a lot of cool stuff happens. For me, knowing that his potential death had come and gone, it was a moment to go, ‘Oh cool, they really aren’t going to stick with what the graphic novel does.’ As a fan of both the novel and the show, it was cool.”

Then again, it could all be an elaborate ruse to throw diehard Walking Dead fans off the scent of the real victim.

The Walking Dead returns in October, and will very quickly star one less person after Negan finishes the job.

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

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