The Walking Dead

New ‘Walking Dead’ Photos Show Just How Dangerous (and Crazy) Negan Really Is

It took literally almost every single minute of Season Six of The Walking Dead for Negan to finally appear on our screens. Now fans can’t wait to get more of the sadastic, foul-mouthed Big Bad.

We know he will feature prominently in the season premiere, since we were agonizingly left hanging at the end of last season when he was about to make an example out of one of our favorite survivors (for the record, we think it’s Glenn). But beyond that adaptation of the iconic comic book scene, what else can we expect from Negan?

Well, we can expect bullying, violence, swearing, violence, aggression, swagger, and violence. Just check out these new photos from Season Seven filming. Look at him laugh while he mows down people/walkers with that assault rifle!


Negan isn’t the only new character that comic readers will recognize. Check out Ezekiel too (without Shiva, for now).


Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

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