Netflix’s “Mindhunter” Is On Indefinite Hiatus… For Now

Netflix’s Mindhunter is no more… at least for now.

As reported by Deadline earlier today, due to scheduling conflicts with the show’s executive producer, David Fincher, Netflix has placed the third season of Mindhunter on indefinite hiatus. The cast and crew have been released from their contracts, freeing up Holt McCallany, Jonathan Groff, and Anna Torv to explore other options.

In a statement made on TVLine, a Netflix representative said, “David [Fincher] is focused on directing his first Netflix film Mank and on producing the second season of Love, Death and Robots,”

The Netflix rep went on to add that although Fincher is busy working on other projects, the showrunner has a strong desire to return for a third season of the crime series when the time is right.

“He may revisit Mindhunter again in the future,” the statement continued, “but in the meantime felt it wasn’t fair to the actors to hold them from seeking other work while he was exploring new work of his own.”

With the cast in such high demand, it only makes sense for Netflix to put the show on hold and wait for Fincher’s schedule to clear up. Based on everything we’ve heard, the cast is eager to shoot the third season and would happily return if and when the time is right.

During the show’s hiatus, Groff will appear in the upcoming Matrix 4 sequel, which is scheduled to arrive in theatres in 2021. Few details about the fourth Matrix film have been released thus far, so until then, Groff’s role remains unknown.

What are your thoughts on the show being placed on indefinite hiatus? Would you like to see Mindhunter return for a third season or was two seasons enough? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Deadline