Making a Murderer

Netflix Would Be Open To A 2nd Season Of ‘Making A Murderer’

Given the enormous popularity of its true-crime documentary series Making a Murderer, it’s understandable that Netflix is open to the possibility of producing a second season.

Netflix’s chief content officer Ted Sarandos told reporters recently at the Television Critics Association press tour that “the story is still unfolding, so we’ll certainly take a look at it.”

The potential for another season depends upon creators Moira Demos and Laura Ricciardi being able to develop enough material. Speaking to press at the TCA, the two admitted that although they have been gathering material for a hypothetical second series, “significant developements” would need to occur in order to begin production.

“I think today marks four weeks since the series launched and what we’ve managed to do in the past four weeks is have several phone calls with Steven Avery which we have recorded with an eye toward including them in future episodes,” said Ricciardi. “We have not returned to Wisconsin in the past four weeks.”

“As we said before, in relation to this story, this story is ongoing, these cases are open,” said Demos. “It’s real-life so you don’t know what’s going to happen. We are ready… if there are significant developments, we will be there. And we are looking at other stories, as well.”

(via: IGN)


Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)