Netflix May Have Just Leaked Daredevil’s Season 3 Release Date

Arguably one of the best Netflix series currently running, Daredevil has been in-between seasons for some time now, with over 2 years having passed since the release of Season 2. Currently, there’s still no release date for the upcoming third season, but a potential leak from Netflix’ Thai Twitter account could hold the answer.

On September 11, the Netflix Thai Twitter account posted the following tweet (after translation, it reveals some potential news that will definitely bring a smile to the face of any Daredevil fans…)

When translated, the post says roughly the following” “I was dying as a devil. I live a better life as Matthew Murdock. October 19, meet Daredevil season 3.”

While many would see this ‘leak’ and point to a cryptic tweet posted shortly before this one containing the same video, the new tweet from Thailand contains some information that the previous tweets did not. While the translation isn’t a clean one, it does have a key piece of information that wasn’t present in the other tweets: a date reading October 19. While nothing has been confirmed, this could very well mean that Netflix is planning to drop Daredevil Season 3 as early as next month.

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Liam Bentley

Liam Bentley

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