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Marvel Is Holding Back ‘The Punisher’ Release Date, But New York Comic-Con May Offer A Clue …

Earlier today, the first official trailer for Marvel’s The Punisher was released, which is the sixth show in the seemingly neverending Marvel Netflix universe. The show will see Jon Bernthal reprise his role as the lethal vigilante from Daredevil’s second season and the trailer is about as dark and violent as one would expect. While the trailer has a distinct John Wick vibe and even makes some creative use of Metallica’s “One” (although the song’s inclusion pushes the overall tone close to parody territory), there is one important detail that it deliberately withholds: a release date.

In what is sure to be a source of frustration for many, the trailer actually teases a release date before blurring it out, no doubt in an effort to build even more hype for the series. So when can we expect to see Marvel’s The Punisher hit Netflix and when will this information actually be divulged.

Well, the fine folks over at believe that there’s a very good chance that the release date will be revealed at New York Comic-Con, which takes place from October 5 – 8. Marvel’s TV shows typically have a big presence at the event and a good way to keep generating hype for The Punisher would be to air the first episode for Marvel TV panel attendees. goes one step further in their assessment and predict that Marvel TV head Jeph Loeb will get up on stage and reveal that the entire first season has been put up on Netflix as he speaks, which would mean that The Punisher will be released in early October.

New Netflix releases are typically released on Fridays and since this panel wouldn’t be until the Saturday, this prediction doesn’t really fit in with the way Netflix generally operates. Still, the streaming giant would likely make an exception for a big partner like Marvel and even if The Punisher doesn’t go up that weekend, we’re pretty much guaranteed to learn the release date at New York Comic-Con.

Now let’s watch that trailer again:


Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)