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Lost In Space Arrives on Netflix – Molly Parker Interview

The first season of Netflix’s latest production, Lost In Space has just landed on the popular streaming service. The original series premiered in 1965 and ran for three seasons before it’s final episode aired in 1968. The Netflix remake is set in the year 2046 as we find the Robinson family aboard their spaceship Jupiter 2 as they encounter a rip in spacetime and crash land on an unknown planet. The Robinsons find themselves stranded light years from their intended destination and are forced to work together with other survivors in order to survive in a hostile environment. After fleeing their dying home planet, the family is on a mission to not only explore new worlds but to find a new home. Molly Parker (House of Cards) play’s Maureen Robinson, the strong-willed mother on Netflix’s 10-episode Lost In Space series remake. We recently caught up with Molly during a press tour in Toronto where we discussed the new show and what it was like to be a part of the production.




Charles Rogers

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