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Jeffrey Dean Morgan Promises So Many Swears on ‘The Walking Dead’ Blu-Ray

One of the biggest problems in bringing iconic comic book villain Negan to the television version of The Walking Dead was always going to be his vocabulary.

If you haven’t read the comics, then you might not be aware that the source material Negan has a filthy, filthy mouth. Almost every other word is an F-bomb (or worse), as he magically weaves the sweariest of swears into every single sentence he says. Obviously, this was going to be a problem for AMC, the channel that airs The Walking Dead. While they technically can air swear words, sponsors typically shy away from that kind of thing. When AMC aired Breaking Bad, the show was famously limited to one utterance of the F-word per season.

However, Jeffrey Dean Morgan (who plays Negan in the upcoming Season Seven of the show) promises hardcore fans that Negan will be available, colorful language and all, on the Blu-Ray version.

“It’s limitless. The amount of swear words that Negan has said in the course of the first, I think we’re on episode seven now, I’ve said every one as many times as it can be said. Now what we do with Negan is we have to film the TV version. And I’m still allowed a couple of swear words, I can drop them in here or there. And then we do what we call – I can’t even say it – the ‘F-take’, where I just let loose. And I let loose a lot when I’m off camera, like if i’m working with other actors for their coverage, when the camera is on them. I let words fly. And some are scripted and some are just in character!” (Via Entertainment Weekly)

We’re still not sure what kind of Negan we will see when The Walking Dead returns in October. He will either have toned-down lines, with no curse words at all, or AMC will just censor the swear words out (with beeps or blanks). Both options will dilute the character of Negan a bit, but at least there’s always the Blu-Ray for those who crave their bad guys dropping curse words left and right.

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

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