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Jeffrey Dean Morgan on Negan’s Arrival: “It’s Going To End Badly For Everyone Else”

We already know that Negan is going display his quest for authority and thirst for violence early in Season Seven of The Walking Dead. Namely, some poor survivor is taking a home-run-sized swing of Lucille upside his (or her) skull in the conclusion of the cliffhanger from the Season Six finale.

But Negan’s reign of terror isn’t going to be over quickly after that first victim. Oh no, not even close. In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Jeffrey Dean Morgan talked about just how much damage he’s likely to do when he steps into the role of the iconic comic book villain.

“What you’re going to see in the first half of this season is Negan wreaking havoc,” says Morgan. “And some of your characters that you’ve grown to love are not going to be on the show anymore, and it’s going to end badly for them. It’s going to be a whole new beginning for The Walking Dead. Really, we’ve taken the show and just flipped it upside down. It’s a different show now. It’s going to have a different feeling. You’re going to see your favorite characters in a position that they’ve never been in before, which is super vulnerable and victimized.”

So basically, RIP to a whole bunch of fringe characters and probably a couple main ones. Personally, we welcome our new Negan overload.

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

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