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Is This Proof That The Huge ‘Walking Dead’ Death From Last Week Was Fake?

I am going to go ahead and warn everyone right now — this post will contain spoilers. Lots and lots of delicious spoilers, for both the comics and the television show. If you love spoilers, read on. If you hate spoilers, but simply can’t help yourself, you may keep going. But if you really, really don’t want any surprises ruined, you should stop now.

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Seriously, here comes the spoilers.

Okay, I assume that if you’re still here, you already know that Glenn was seemingly torn apart by zombies at the end of the last episode of The Walking Dead. Clearly, we are all going to blame Nicholas for being a complete coward and shooting himself in the head, causing his now-dead body to knock Glenn into the walker hoard. It certainly looked Glenn was doomed.

But since the internet is a skeptical bunch, multiple conspiracy theories have already popped up that maybe Glenn will survive the ordeal. We hear you asking, how is that possible? I’ll show you.

First, the low-hanging fruit. Glenn wasn’t a part of the “In Memorial” segment on The Talking Dead, the follow-up show that recaps the episodes. Additionally, the actor that plays Glenn, Steven Yuen, didn’t appear on the show. Traditionally, actors have been a guest on the show the same week their character bites the dust. Maybe it was just a scheduling conflict. Or maybe Glenn’s still alive.

There are also a couple theories that since Nicholas’ body appeared to fall on top of Glenn, that the walkers were actually tearing apart his insides while Glenn laid underneath him. Then, as the theory goes, Glenn will somehow be able to wiggle his way under the dumpster and hold off until help arrives and/or the zombies get distracted by a loud noise and leave. Seems possible, if not unlikely.

That brings us to the smoking gun itself — this photo published by ET Online: Via ET Online

What you are looking at is a picture of Daryl, Abraham, Glenn, and a not-yet-introduced character named Jesus aka Paul Monroe. He is a major player in the comic version of The Walking Dead and will inevitably be introduced to the show at some point this season. So why would he be filming with Glenn, if Glenn is supposedly dead? It can’t be a flashback scene, since Glenn has never met Jesus before.

That photo certainly seems to point to Glenn somehow surviving his situation, although viewers would probably be pissed at the fake-out. Of course, there is also a crew member in that photo. Maybe Glenn and Jesus were just shooting different scenes at the same location, since TV is never really filmed in the same order as it’s aired. Which could mean that Glenn is totally zombie food and completely dead.

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

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