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Here’s How ‘The Walking Dead’ Will Handle Characters Running Out of Bullets in the Zombie Apacolypse

It’s not exactly clear how much time has passed since the start of The Walking Dead, when Rick woke up in that hospital with no idea the world outside had turned to crap. Maybe a couple years or so? It’s hard to pinpoint. But one thing is certain — there’s no one out there making bullets anymore.

If the show wants to tread the line of realism, eventually Rick and the other survivors are going to start running dangerously low on ammunition. Quite frankly, with all the gunfights they seem to get into, it’s amazing that it hasn’t already become an issue. Yes, we know that the show has mentioned Alexandria’s noteworthy stockpile of weapons on multiple occasions, but even that can’t last forever.

John Sanders, The Walking Dead‘s prop master and weapons expert, told Tech Insider that the problem won’t be ignored.

“As the story continues, we’re going to see a lot more transfer to more melee weapons,” Sanders explained. “Bullets are a finite instrument … and we need to make sure that each character can only use use so many and that they’re thinking about it.”

“Bullets [will] start to become really valuable,” he added. “And you certainly wouldn’t just spray bullets at something if you’re not hitting something. So, I expect we’ll probably move more and more away from the machine guns.”

We’ve already seen some innovative means of protection in the show, including Morgan using spikes and spears to catch walkers. The Saviors also are known for using zombies as makeshift guard dogs. Of course, in the comics they addressed this problem by having Eugene figure out a way to actually make bullets, although his production volume was considerable lower than needed.

Less guns and more knives can only mean one thing though — all hail Michonne and her mighty katana!

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

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