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It’s hard to believe that we’re almost at the end of another season of Game of Thrones, which airs its final episode of season six this Sunday. “The Winds of Winter” is set to be the longest episode in Game of Thrones history at 69 minutes, and by the title alone, you know that we’re in for a suitably epic finale. But what is going to happen over the course of those 69 minutes? The finale needs to simultaneously cap off a number of storylines from this season, most notably the trials of Cersei Lannister and Loras Tyrell in King’s Landing, while also setting up stories for next season. While the following predictions may of course all be way off the mark — and a few of them don’t necessarily qualify as being “bold” — there’s a solid chance that we will see most of the following things take place during “The Winds of Winter.”

10. Cersei Will Use Wildfire On King’s Landing

“The Winds of Winter” is going to be a very busy episode focused on multiple storylines, but it looks like the most time will be spent on the trials of Loras and Cersei in King’s Landing. Loras may or may not be killed, but really, all eyes are on Cersei to see what she will do. With the banning of trial by combat, Cersei’s options for defending herself against the Faith Militant are now very limited and it’s unlikely that she’ll be found innocent through a traditional defense. That’s why she’s going to try and burn King’s Landing to the ground.

Cersei has spent this entire season seeing her power quickly eroded, to the point where even her own son has turned against her. Cersei is a dangerous individual on a good day and as a caged lioness, she has the potential to be absolutely destructive. Plus, there have been like half a dozen references to wildfire in the last few episodes, with Qyburn telling Cersei that his spies discovered a ton of it and Tyrion regaling Daenerys with the story about how her father tried to burn King’s Landing to the ground with wildfire himself. After all, if you make reference to wildfire in the first act, it better show up in the last. Source:

9. Jaime Will Kill The Freys

“The Winds of Winter” preview shows an especially pompous Walder Frey stating: “the Freys and the Lannisters send their regards,” as he gives a toast in the newly-conquered hall of Riverrun. The thing is, the siege of Riverrun was only a success because the Lannisters intervened and at this point, the Freys amount to a rather useless ally for the Golden House. Could Jaime be planning on giving the Freys their own Red Wedding? It seems likely, as the Freys’ betrayal of the Starks has never really sat well with Jaime, even if the latter were his enemies. And would Jaime really want to keep such a treasonous family as an ally?

Admittedly, this prediction comes more from a place of just wanting to see some karmic justice delivered upon Walder Frey and his brood than any tangible evidence, but the show does seem to be setting up some sort of Frey slaughter; I mean, just look at the look of disdain on Jaime’s face while Walder gives his toast. He probably wants to rid himself of that detestable old man just as much as everyone else. Source: HBO

8. Jon Snow’s Parentage Will Be Revealed / Confirmed

Bran appears briefly in the finale teaser, so we know he’ll play a role in the episode and it’s likely that we’ll get to witness another one of his visions. A return to the Tower of Joy scene from earlier in the season seems the most likely place for Bran to travel back to, as he no longer has the Three-Eyed Raven around to pull him out of the vision right before he finds out what’s really in the tower. We’ll finally get to see what happened with Ned Stark in the tower and it will be what everyone has already assumed it will be: Ned will find his dying sister and be given a baby to take care of, which will of course be Jon Snow, thus confirming the popular theory that Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark are Jon’s real parents. Unfortunately, this won’t change Jon’s bastard status, but being the son of ice and fire still has a nice ring to it. Source: HBO

7. Varys’s Secret Mission Revealed

Varys left Meereen the episode before last, which means he should be arriving at his destination by the time the finale rolls around. While it hasn’t been explicitly stated what Varys’s plans are or even where he’s headed, there are two strong possibilities. The first is that Varys is going back to King’s Landing to help destabilize the political situation there, much like he does in the books. The other possibility is that Varys is going to Dorne to ally himself — and by extension Daenerys — with the Sand Snakes against their common enemy, the Lannisters.

Of the two, it’s more likely that Varys is ending up in Dorne, primarily because the show needs an excuse to revisit the damn place, but also because Cersei is already positioned to destabilize King’s Landing. If this is indeed what is about to happen, it would mean that Daenerys would already have an army in Westeros fighting for her long before she even gets there. Source:

6. Arya Will Make It Back To Westeros

The swiftness with which characters have been able to travel vast distances in a short period of time has been nothing short of astonishing this season (Theon and Yara made sailing halfway around the world look like a brief pleasure cruise), which means that we could easily see Arya set foot back in Westeros during the last episode of the season. The last time we saw Arya, she was telling Jaqen H’ghar that she was heading home, so it’s safe to assume that she’s making her way to Winterfell. However, Winterfell is quite far inland, so where might Arya dock first?

King’s Landing is the most popular port destination on the east coast of Westeros and it’s geographically close to Braavos (relatively speaking), but it’s hard to think that Arya would ever want to travel there again, unless she’s doing so purely to kill Cersei or something. Perhaps the writers will just circumvent her travel time altogether and feature a full Jon-Sansa-Arya reunion next week; it wouldn’t make such sense, but considering how long we’ve been waiting to see it happen, most fans would probably be totally fine with it. Source:

5. Sansa Declared Wardeness of the North (Or Maybe Even Queen)

The Stark banners are being flown in Winterfell again and with Ramsay Bolton being thrown to the dogs, there’s need of a new ruler in the north. Jon Snow will probably remain brooding and disinclined to accept more power, so the natural choice is Sansa. There will probably be a big ceremony made out of Sansa being declared the Warden of the North, but she may also decide to follow in her brother’s footsteps and declare herself Queen in the North. Whatever she does or doesn’t call herself though, we know that Littlefinger is going to try and get in on that action, as the preview for the finale hints that a marriage with Sansa is very much on Littlefinger’s agenda.

Although Sansa will be very reluctant to again marry someone she has no interest in being with, she may play along with Lord Baelish’s demands to secure the Knights of the Vale, since the Stark army is practically non-existent at this point. Also, be prepared to see swift retribution against the northern houses that declared for Ramsay instead of her and Jon. The North remembers, after all. Source:

4. Daenerys Sets Sail For Westeros

The preview for the “The Winds of Winter” features a scene in which Tyrion tells Daenerys that she’s “playing the great game” now, which would seem to indicate that she will be officially departing for Westeros in the season finale. Really, this is one of those no-brainer predictions, as it’s highly unlikely that Game of Thrones would close out the season with Dany still sitting in Meereen making up plans for her eventual journey to Westeros. This season has been all about getting characters ready for the final act of Game of Thrones and seeing Dany on her way to conquer the place of her birth with a massive armada at her back would be a striking way to close out her story this season. A possible extension of this is that Euron Greyjoy will set upon her, setting up a massive naval battle to kick off season seven.

Source: HBO

3. Davos Will Try To Kill Melisandre

One event that we definitely know will take place next week is Davos confronting Melisandre about her role in the death of Shireen Baratheon. While it’s difficult to say for sure what Davos will do in this situation, as he is not the type to violently lash out at someone, it’s important to remember that he does have years of resentment and distrust towards the Red Woman to fall back on. This may be the last straw for Davos and while it’s unlikely that he will kill Melisandre (she surely still has an important role to play in the story ahead) he will at the very least attempt to kill her. He may be restrained by Jon Snow and Tormund, or get a hold of himself before he completes the act, but don’t be surprised if Melisandre’s choker isn’t the only thing around her neck next week (hands, I’m talking about hands). Source: HBO

2. Brienne Will Encounter The Brotherhood

Game of Thrones has moved past almost every single storyline in George R.R. Martin’s books, but it still hasn’t quite caught up to where Brienne’s story left off, and this could very well change in the season finale. In the books, Brienne has a rather disturbing encounter with the Brotherhood Without Banners, who try to hang her on the order of their leader, Lady Stoneheart (AKA the resurrected Catelyn Stark). Whether or not Lady Stoneheart actually appears in the finale, Brienne will still be at risk of drawing the Brotherhood’s ire, especially since they’re now travelling with Sandor Clegane. If you’ll recall, Brienne almost killed The Hound the last time the two met and he’s probably not about to let that slide if they cross paths again. Source:

1. Gendry Will Return


Just kidding, that’s never going to happen. Gendry’s still out there, rowing his boat. Here’s the real #1:

1. The Wall Will Come Down

At this point, the destruction of the Wall is a question of when, not if. In order for the White Walkers to finally begin their invasion of Westeros, they need to get past the Wall, as it’s built with magic that won’t let them through. So how will they break that spell? The popular theory is that Bran is the key to allowing the White Walkers to pass, as the brand the Night’s King gave him will theoretically break the spell on the Wall (assuming it’s the same type of magic that blocked him from entering the Three-Eyed Raven’s cave, which is a safe assumption to make). Bran has to get to the other side of the Wall at some point and considering he’s being pursued by the Night’s King, it will probably happen by the end of the episode. Plus, there’s the whole “Winds of Winter” thing to consider, which is a rather obvious indicator that something big will be happening with the White Walkers. Source: Game of Thrones Wikia

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)