Ash Vs. Evil Dead

First “Ash Vs. Evil Dead” Photo Shows Older, Still Awesome Bruce Campbell

He may have taken an extended 22-year-break, but if the first photo released from the upcoming TV series Ash Vs. Evil Dead suggests anything, it’s that Bruce Campbell is more than ready to strap on his chainsaw and boomstick for another round as everyone’s favorite deadite slayer Ash Williams.

The upcoming 10 episode series is set to air on the Starz network this fall and is shaping up to be a worthy new entry in the Evil Dead franchise, which hasn’t seen a new film since 1992’s Army Darkness, if you don’t count the recent remake of the first film (which we don’t). Series star Campbell isn’t the only big name returning, as series mastermind Sam Raimi is serving as an executive producer and also directs the first episode.

Joining Ash in fighting this latest deadite threat are fellow Value Stop employees (yes, Ash is still working as a stock boy) Pablo (Ray Santiago) and Kelly (Dana Delorenzo). According to Raimi, Ash will be just as boneheaded as he’s always been, but he will also be serving as the de facto monster slayer of the group: “He’s the only one stupid enough to really tamper with those spirits. And he does. But he’s also still a really good monster fighter. So, he’s also going to be kicking some deadite buttocks, if you’ll pardon the French.”

It remains to be seen whether the gonzo horror-comedy tone and style of the Evil Dead films will translate well to the small-screen, but it definitely looks like all the right pieces are in place to make Ash vs. Evil Dead a welcome return to the classic B-movie series.

Check out the first photo below released from Entertainment Weekly: Source:

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)