7 Reasons You Should Watch ‘One Punch Man’ Source: YouTube

If you haven’t heard the word on the street yet, One Punch Man is the show to watch. For regular anime watchers, this show will be a treat for you. But even if you don’t regularly enjoy anime, we highly recommend watching this show as it is simply brilliant and might even draw you further into the genre. So here’s seven reasons why you should watch the hottest anime of 2015, with as few spoilers as possible.

7. It Craps on Anime Stereotypes

For those who don’t watch anime at all, the genre—especially shounen—is filled with many stereotypes. One of them being when the protagonist is getting beaten up, he suddenly realizes the meaning of life and wants to get stronger. The funny thing is, he does get magically stronger and usually ends up beating the once powerful antagonist. Another one is when an anime character reveals his backstory, which usually contains too much information.

Well, One Punch Man is a parody show and they basically crap on all these stereotypes which makes for great viewing. When someone wants to know the main character’s secret to his strength, he thinks about making something up, which seems to resonate with most animes. Source:

6. The Main Character is Overpowered but…

Saitama is known as the One Punch Man. Why? Because he defeats every single foe he meets with one punch. While this might not seem enticing, Saitama is unlike other overpowered characters—he gets bored of fighting. He wanted to be a hero so badly that he achieved incomprehensible strength (and became bald in the process), and as a result of this, no one is capable of giving him an enjoyable or challenging fight.

He’s not even a hero to save the world. As he notoriously says, he’s just a “hero for fun.” Can you think of a show like that, at all?! Source:

5. It’s Super Funny

You’ve probably gotten this by now but One Punch Man is hilarious. From monsters doing stupid things, to the names of various heroes (Tanktop Black Hole is seriously a hero’s name) to the general dialogue, this show is guaranteed to make you laugh each episode.

Saitama in general is just a great character. While he’s in a middle of a fight with a threatening monster, he’s busy thinking about a supermarket sale, and if a monster destroys his ceiling, he’s more annoyed that he has to pay for a new one rather than the fact that a monster has approached him. His facial expressions alone are enough to make you chuckle. Source:

4. The Animation is Superb

Madhouse is producing One Punch Man—the same company behind one of the most popular animes in its remake of Hunter X Hunter—so it is visually stunning. It looks and feels like a new anime and the effects are enough to make your jaw drop when a crazy scene happens. Compared to the manga, you get to really see how strong Saitama truly is when he unleashes his carnage on a monster. Source:

3. The Fight Scenes are Exhilarating

Because the visuals and production value of the show are so great, even with regular one punches, Saitama’s fights are still a treat to watch simply because of the destruction he causes with a simple motion.

There are other characters as well who engage in fights, so it’s not just Saitama that you see KOing everyone—you do get to see fights which are longer than five seconds. Source:

2. It Doesn’t Get Stale

Now despite the humor and overpowered main character, you may think it’ll grow stale with Saitama just winning every bout, but that’s the beauty of the show—it just never gets stale. Every new foe is interesting, and just when you think there’ll be a monster ready to challenge Saitama, it all ends in one punch. Saitama even makes allies and ends up joining a Hero Association where he isn’t regarded highly because, despite breaking records in the physical exam, he did poorly in the written exam which leads to more interesting subplots. Source:

1. There’s Only 12 Episodes

Watching anime is usually a lengthy time commitment, but One Punch Man only has one season as of right now, which is comprised of just 12 episodes—that’s four hours if you binge watch it in one sitting. The downside is, however, that we only have 12 episodes of this fantastic show to enjoy. The manga is still ongoing and it doesn’t look like enough chapters will be published to warrant a second season. But there’s always the option of continuing it by the manga!

So go ahead and watch the most talked about anime right now. We’re sure you’ll buy into the hype. Source: YouTube