5 Reasons You Should Be Watching HBO’s Ballers Source:

HBO’s new smash hit Ballers, is already three episodes deep into its first season (Note: I use the term ‘smash hit’ very loosely here). Some people like the show and a lot of people don’t. And then there are those who are undecided about A) whether they should watch it or B) whether they should keep watching.

To those people, fear no more! I’ve laid out the top five reasons why you need to watch Ballers and why, at the very least, it’s worth 30 minutes of your precious time every single Sunday.

5. The Name Of The Show

First off, who doesn’t want to be known as a baller? If I were to list all of the titles that I would like to have associated with me, the term ‘baller’ has to be in the top five.

Think about it. When you first hear about a person and someone refers to that person as a ‘baller,’ your perception instantly changes. Why are they a baller? What kind of car does he drive? How’d he get so rich? Is he going to pick up the bill for lunch? These are all reasonable questions to ask yourself once you get introduced to a ‘baller’.

You are probably not a baller. I am certainly not a baller. However, everyone on this TV show is a baller (or at the very least, is trying extremely hard to be).

This show could be named anything, but thankfully it’s called Ballers. If it were called “Working Class Folk,” I’m not really sure it would have the same cache. Source:

4. If Ya Smelllllllll….

This is probably the biggest reason why anyone gave this show a chance. Everything The Rock does is amazing. WWE? Amazing. Fast and the Furious? Amazing. San Andreas? Never saw it, but probably amazing. That movie with Stiffler? Amazing. The Tooth Fairy? Let’s just stop while we’re ahead.

Bottom line, if there’s one guy who is going to star in a TV show called Ballers, it should be The Rock. Other feasible candidates include:

  • Denzel Washington
  • Jon Snow
  • The Undertaker
  • Tiger Woods
  • Anyone not named Vince Vaughn

This is the first time The Rock has been a regular on TV since he took over the WWE in the late ’90s and early ’00s. The only difference between The Rock then and The Rock now—he traded in his spandex and ring boots for custom-made suits and 100 ft. yachts.

Sounds like a baller to me. Source:

3. HBO

This is probably the second biggest reason why anyone gave this show a chance. Game of Thrones, Newsroom, Sopranos and all non-Vince-Vaughn True Detective scenes.

The Home Box Office has a track record that can’t be beaten by any station, except maybe late night Showcase or that channel that plays Girls Gone Wild on loop. Source:

2. The Music

The theme song, Lil Wayne’s “Right Above It” featuring Drake, is by far one of the most boss tracks currently on TV. Although I wouldn’t have complained if they’d opted for some Ja Rule or Nelly instead.

However, it’s not just the theme song. The show’s trailer featured “Burial” by Yogi and Pusha T, recently remixed by Skrillex. And midway through episode two, for no reason whatsoever, Big Pun’s “Still Not A Player” started to play over guys running around on a football field. No idea why this happened, but needless to say, this was probably the highlight of the season so far.

1. NFL Player Cameos!

If you like the NFL (if you don’t, you suck) then you’ll be in love with all of the player cameos in this show. Already we’ve seen All-Pro Wide Receiver Antonio Brown, and a once relevant DeSean Jackson make brief cameos. Steven Jackson, aka a guy who probably lead your fantasy football team to a championship about 10 years ago, also made an appearance.

Who will be the next semi-relevant star to make a cameo? My money is on Peyton Manning. There’s something about a bunch of dudes partying on a yacht, doing drugs, and degrading women that just seems right up his alley. Source:

Ballers is on every Sunday and if these reasons aren’t enough to make you watch the show, I implore you at the very least to download Big Pun’s greatest hits compilation.


Jamil A. Karim