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5 Game of Thrones Characters That Have Simply Disappeared From The Show Via FanPop

HBO’s Game of Thrones has an all-star cast with a wide range of characters in each corner of the Realm. This is only natural considering we have so many stories from the Wall to Dorne to King’s Landing and all the way across the Narrow Sea in Meereen. However, because of numerous storylines (and perhaps budgeting), we haven’t seen a couple of characters in a while.

And it’s not just minor characters that have been missing either but pretty important ones as well who have all played a key role in the story. Here’s a look at some of the characters that have disappeared from the show.

*Warning: Some book/show spoilers present*

5. Edmure Tully

“The Rains of Castamere” was a monumental episode, also known as the episode that brought us the Red Wedding. Of course, it marked the end of Robb and Catelyn Stark, among others, but the actual groom of the wedding is barely talked about.

Edmure Tully – Catelyn’s brother – was the one who ended up getting married to one of Walder Frey’s daughters (or was it granddaughters?). At first, he thought it would be a punishment but then when he saw his beautiful bride, he changed his mind and was ready to proceed with the marriage – something which Robb thought would give him the edge in his battle against Tywin Lannister.

Little did Edmure know that while he and his bride were being escorted away for the bedding ceremony, his family was getting slaughtered by the Freys and Boltons. In the books, he is kept as a prisoner by Walder Frey and while we’ve only seen the Lord of the Crossing once since that fateful episode, it’s still a bit odd that we’ve not heard from or seen Edmure at all since. Via FanPop

4. Brynden “Blackfish” Tully

Another person present at the Red Wedding, Brynden “Blackfish” Tully is also someone we’ve yet to see for quite some time. From the five episodes he appeared in, Catelyn’s uncle seemed like an utter badass – the type of person you’d want on your side in a war – and one who clearly respected Robb.

And just before the dreadful events of the Red Wedding, he left the halls to relieve himself. It turned out to be best time to go for a leak, as he avoided getting himself killed. However, we don’t know about his whereabouts at all now.

Is he dead? Did he somehow get back to Riverrun? Will we ever find out at all? Are we the only one who cares? Via FanPop

3. Gendry

Ah, Gendry. A prominent character for most of the first three seasons, we first see him at King’s Landing before he’s ultimately given to the Night’s Watch. There, he befriends Arya Stark. Along with Hot Pie, the three kids escape from Harrenhal until they encounter the Brotherhood Without Banners.

But poor old Gendry is then taken by Melisandre because he has Robert Baratheon’s blood and we all know what happens to people with king’s blood. She wants to kill him but Ser Davos has other ideas and frees him, giving him a boat to escape.

The thing is, this happened at the end of season three. Just how long will Gendry be paddling that boat? We’ve still yet to hear from him at all. Is his part in the story simply over or does he have a role to play in the future? Or is he simply on the most epic boat ride in the Realm’s history?


2. Brotherhood Without Banners

Don’t know about you, but we enjoyed all the scenes that involved the Brotherhood Without Banners. Or maybe it’s just that we love Thoros of Myr and Anguy, but they certainly added another a humorous side to the story.

However, after Arya is kidnapped by the Hound, that’s the last we see of them. What have they been doing all this while? Drinking and eating like usual?

Maybe if a certain Lady (Stoneheart) was in the show, we’d have seen them again by now but as it stands, their role for the rest of the show is pretty uncertain, which is a darn shame. Via

1. Rickon and Osha

You can be forgiven for forgetting that there is in fact, another Stark who is alive. Rickon, along with Osha, haven’t been seen since parting ways with Bran, Hodor and company in the third season.

They’re in Skagos according to the books but with the whole Stannis situation, one wonders how we’ll see them again. This is because in the books, Davos goes looking for Rickon to convince Northern houses to support Stannis.

What reason would he have to look for him now if Stannis is indeed dead? Via FanPop