This 21-Year Old Scientist Can Make Every Single Car More Eco-Friendly

All those cars on the road — billions of them — are collectively causing a huge environmental problem. That probably isn’t news to you. The fact that someone has a relatively simple solution could be huge news, though.

Param Jaggi, a 21-year old inventor/scientist, is working on a device that could make even the oldest, gas-gazzling clunker more environmentally friendly. He calls it the Ecotube and it could have a huge impact on the automotive industry and the planet as a whole. If you know about the LifeStraw, the portable water filter that can be used almost anywhere, then you should grasp this concept quickly. The Ecotube is basically a Lifestraw for your car’s tailpipe.

Using layers of algae, the Ecotube can help turn some of your car’s carbon monoxide emissions back into oxygen before it ever leaves your vehicle. While the conversation rate is no where near 100 percent, Jaggi estimates that most cars would see a 10-to-20 percent decrease in harmful emissions. Multiple that by billions of cars on the road and it adds up quickly.

Jaggi admits that the Ecotube won’t do anything to save drivers money, but it may help them sleep a bit better at night knowing that they are making an attempt to conserve. While hybrid cars, completely electric cars, and alternate fuel sources will all continue to be a part of our driving future, the Ecotube could still go a long way to help.

Check out this video by Uproxx Luminaries for more details about Jaggi and the Ecotube.

(Credit: Uproxx YouTube Channel)

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

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