One Remote to Control All Your Smart Devices

Meet Smart Remote. The world’s first smart remote to control your smart home with just one touch. Compatible with Nest, Philips Hue, Sonos and more. Smart Remote is universal, simple, and completely customizable!

Smart Remote’s originality resides in the fact that it offers control over the device that you point it at. If you want to control a light, just point the remote in its direction and the built-in screen instantly adapts to show you the controls for that particular light. You can then switch it on and off, or change its color, with one simple touch. If you now point it at another connected home device, the screen changes automatically.

Smart Remote gives you immediate access to the control interface of each device, without the need to manually navigate through the options, or to follow multiple steps. A unique user experience.

Designed for smart-home owners, we believe that this “context-aware remote” offers the best user experience.

(Source: SevenHugs)

Wade Wilson

Wade Wilson

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