Found On Google Maps: Android Logo Urinating On Apple Logo

The bitter divorce between tech giants Apple and Google has naturally sparked a few hurt feelings. While things like Google Maps and (Google owned) YouTube used to come built in with a shiny new Apple iPhone, they are now standalone apps.

The emergence of Android as a true competitor in the mobile iOS market has the two companies facing off as major competitors instead of blissful partners. It’s also created a fanboy war amongst consumers who prefer one or the other. It was likely one of those said fanboys responsible for this.

Yup, somewhere near┬áRawalpindi, Pakistan is an image that is slightly distasteful, to say the least. Google Maps does allow users to edit and update, so we can understand that this is a case of simple vandalism. Hilarious vandalism. But how did it slip by Google’s review system?

Oh. That explains it. Sadly, the naughty robot has now been banished from its spot on Google Maps. But the fanboy war between Apple and Android users will live on.

(via TeamAndroid)

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

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