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WWE Superstar Set To Retire Before WrestleMania Source:

In what is an unfortunate finish to a legendary career, it appears that long-time WCW mainstay Sting, who only recently signed a contract with WWE and wrestled a handful of matches with the company, has been forced to bring his in-ring career to an end. TMZ has reported that the neck injury suffered by Sting at WWE’s Night of Champions Pay Per View in late 2015, which was diagnosed as cervical spinal stenosis (the same condition which ended the career of WWE Hall of Famer Edge), is too severe to allow Sting to ever step foot in a wrestling ring again, and he has made the decision to retire. An official announcement is expected before WrestleMania, with Sting already set to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame during the event.

Stephen Randle

Stephen Randle

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