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WWE Superstar Fired Over Controversial Promo?

Late Wednesday night, announced the release of WWE Superstar and former Raw General Manager Brad Maddox, a move which came as a surprise to some, as Maddox had recently returned to television as part of a tag team with Adam Rose.

Reports have said that Maddox was allegedly fired, at least in part, for a promo that he delivered during a non-televised match which took place during the Smackdown tapings on Tuesday. Apparently, as part of the promo, Maddox referred to the crowd as “cocky pricks”, and WWE officials were less than thrilled with his choice of words.

If true, this seems like a slight over-reaction on the part of WWE, but as a fringe talent who hasn’t been a regular on WWE TV in months, Maddox likely was on a short leash to begin with. In addition, the increased scrutiny on WWE following the controversial promo that aired on Raw before Survivor Series, which referenced the death of the brother of WWE Diva Charlotte, almost certainly did not help the situation.

Stephen Randle

Stephen Randle

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