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WWE Smackdown Live Match Results – January 17th, 2017

Tonight on Smackdown Live, Becky Lynch and Alexa Bliss will step inside a steel cage for the first time in the blue brand’s history! Plus, WWE has teased a huge announcement from Shane McMahon to kick off the show, so let’s not waste any more time, here are the results from this week’s Smackdown Live!

Live from Memphis, Tennessee

Shane McMahon started off the show by announcing that the WWE Championship would be defended inside the Elimination Chamber two weeks after the Royal Rumble. Oh yeah, there’s a PPV two weeks after the Rumble, if you didn’t know. This brought out AJ Styles, who obviously had a problem with that plan. Shane pointed out that it might not be AJ’s concern after the Rumble, although we’d assume Styles would also be in the Chamber match even if he loses, because of course he would be. Styles threatened to leave and go back to Japan, which brought out John Cena. Styles refused to let Cena talk and accused everyone of being against him. The Miz came out next, and demanded to be included in the Chamber match. Miz pointed out that he’s already beaten Cena at WrestleMania, and is therefore better than Styles. Shane steps in and orders Miz to face Styles right away.

Backstage, Dean Ambrose told Shane McMahon that he needed to be in the Chamber match, and also needed a new Intercontinental Title, because the current one smells like Miz. That second one is a no-go, so Ambrose settles for a match against Randy Orton.

– AJ Styles vs The Miz ended in a No Contest

During the match, Styles threw Miz into Cena, who was on commentary, then followed it up with a cheap shot. Cena then hit both Miz and Styles with AAs.

Nikki Bella called out Natalya, who responded while sitting up in the crowd, directed Nikki to the video screen, then ran out into the arena. The camera cut to Nattie at a merchandise table, pointing out all of Nikki’s merchandise (right next to Cena’s, she noticed), but not a single piece for her. Nattie stole all the shirts and started throwing them in the trash, but was attacked by Nikki. The two brawled until they were broken up by security.

– Dean Ambrose d. Randy Orton (pinfall, rollup)

During the match, Ambrose dove out of the ring onto Luke Harper. When Harper recovered, he entered the ring looking to get revenge, but was talked out of it by Wyatt and Orton, allowing Ambrose to roll up the distrated Orton. Once again, Orton and Harper started fighting, but Wyatt got between them, forcing Harper to stop by punching him in the mouth, at which point Orton backed down.

Memphis legend Jerry “The King” Lawler hosted The King’s Court with special guest Dolph Ziggler. Lawler suggested that frustration had led to Ziggler’s new attitude, but Ziggler refused to talk. Lawler pointed out that being more aggressive hadn’t helped him win any matches, but Dolph started walking away. Finally, Ziggler relented and accused Lawler of trying to make him look bad, and showed footage from 2012 of Ziggler beating up Lawler in the match which took place minutes before Lawler suffered a heart attack live on Raw. Ziggler accused Lawler of blaming him for the heart attack, and that he was right to do so. Dolph threatened to finish what he started four years earlier, but an unintimidated Lawler called him a loser. Ziggler superkicked Jerry in the chest, and JBL left the announce table to attend to the fallen King.

From the smoky room, Bray Wyatt ordered Luke Harper and Randy Orton to face each other in a match next week, with one man leaving the Family.

– Alexa Bliss d. Becky Lynch in a Steel Cage Match to retain the Smackdown Women’s Title (pinfall, DDT)

During the match, La Luchadora appeared and blocked Becky from escaping the cage, then kicked her in the head, allowing Alexa to pick up the win.

Postmatch, Bliss and La Luchadora kept attacking Becky, who briefly fought them off and unmasked Luchadora to reveal Mickie James. Bliss and James put Lynch down again to end the show.

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