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WWE Smackdown Live! Match Results – August 30th, 2016

Backlash is rapidly approaching, and Smackdown has a lot of matches to set up beforehand, including more rounds of the Smackdown Tag Title tournament! Will Heath Slater even make it through the first round in his goal to win the tournament and secure a Smackdown contract? Plus, all the fallout from The Miz’s shocking promo on Daniel Bryan from last week’s Talking Smack!

Live from Dallas, Texas

The Miz comes out to berate the fans, talking about he is always the go-to guy for promotional appearances for WWE, and he never gets injured, but he gets called “soft”. Dolph Ziggler interrupts and says Miz does all that for selfish reasons, so he can be famous, not for the fans. Ziggler challenges Miz to a fight (not a match, a fight) to prove he’s not soft, but Miz walks away.

– The Hype Bros d. The Vaudevillains to advance in the Smackdown Tag Team Title Tournament (Ryder pinned English, Hype Ryder)

AJ Styles, now officially announced as “The Face The Runs The Place”, comes out to promote his match with Dean Ambrose at Backlash. Apollo Crews interrupts and challenges Styles to a match.

– AJ Styles d. Apollo Crews (pinfall, Phenomenal Forearm)

A video plays of Heath Slater taking Renee Young on a tour of his home…er, trailer, as part of an interview talking about how he wasn’t drafted and still doesn’t have a contract. Highlights include Heath’s enthusiastic if dim-witted wife, and Rhyno silently eating crackers and spray cheese, then shrugging when asked why he chose to team with Slater.

Bray Wyatt cuts a promo about how he doesn’t fear snakes, and by extension, Randy Orton. Orton enters and takes umbrage with Bray’s words. Bray says he’s the predator now, and threatens to cut the Viper’s head off at Backlash. Orton agrees to the match, then rushes the ring, but the lights go out before anything more can happen.

– Natalya and Alexa Bliss d. Becky Lynch and Naomi (Alexa pinned Becky, rollup)

Nikki Bella was on commentary for this match, at least until she got attacked by Carmella, who ran in from the crowd.

– Rhyno and Heath Slater d. The Headbangers to advance in the Smackdown Tag Team Title Tournament (Rhyno pinned Thrasher, Gore)

Somehow, Rhyno managed to get busted open during the match, wearing the proverbial crimson mask by the end.

Someone in a suit named Gary “The Milkman” Millman cuts a promo in the ring where he claims that he’s been given a license to compete and demands anyone from the locker room come out and face him, then strips down to socks and underwear. The challenge is answered by Kane, who someone must have just remembered still works there. Guess what happens next.

– Dean Ambrose vs Baron Corbin ended in a No Contest when AJ Styles, who was on commentary at ringside, got involved in the match, leading to a brawl. Ambrose would hit Corbin with Dirty Deeds post match, then crotch AJ on the top rope to prevent a Phenomenal Forearm as the show ended.

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