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WWE Reports Record-Setting Revenue For 2015, Net Loss For Q4

WWE has released their final set of financial statements for 2015, and are trumpeting that the company brought in more revenue than ever before in history, due in part to an overall increase in WWE Network subscribers creating more than double the revenue that WWE used to rely on from Pay Per Views. In addition, WWE reported a net profit for fiscal 2015 of nearly $30 million, compared to nearly $25 million in losses the year prior.

Not everything is rosy in WWE, however, as the company actually suffered a net loss in profits for the last quarter, likely at least partially due to the rash of injuries felling most of the company’s top stars, including John Cena. WWE Studios also reported lower profits than the previous year, and the Network subscriber numbers actually dropped from the previous quarter. It should be noted that WWE has posted a net loss in Q4 in each of the past three years, so this is not entirely unexpected.

WWE’s stock price dropped slightly following the release of this report.

Stephen Randle

Stephen Randle

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