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WWE Reportedly Didn’t Want To Re-Sign Paul Heyman

It was reported a couple of weeks earlier that Paul Heyman’s contract with WWE expired recently, and that WWE was in no rush to bring him back in, leading to his role as Brock Lesnar’s manager being downplayed or ignored on WWE programming. Ultimately, and as expected, Heyman was signed to a new deal, and accompanied Brock to the ring for the Beast’s return to WWE on Raw. According to some sources, however, a deal very nearly didn’t get done, as the two sides were allegedly very far apart in terms of salary, with WWE apparently more than willing to walk away. They were also reportedly unhappy with the fact that Heyman had a large number of outside media-related projects that he had chosen not to bring to WWE and the Network. Ultimately, however, Brock Lesnar (who is clearly the greatest negotiator on the planet) told WWE that he wanted Heyman at his side, and to get it done, so that’s what happened.

Seriously, can we send Brock to negotiate peace in the Middle East at some point?

Stephen Randle

Stephen Randle

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