WWE Raw Match Results – August 29th, 2016

After being put in a tough spot due to Finn Balor’s unfortunate injury, this week, Raw crowned a new Universal Champion, with Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, Kevin Owens, and Big Cass fighting in a four-man Elimination Match to determine the new Champion. But that’s not all that went down on Raw, and we’ve got all the results right here!

Live from Houston, Texas

The show starts with all four contenders for the Universal Championship in the ring with microphones. Seth Rollins cedes his time out of generosity, due to the fact he created this situation in the first place. Owens mocks the entire process and everyone in the ring (to a massive face reaction). Cass scores with a small penis joke on Seth, who takes back his time and yells at everyone. Roman says nothing, smirks passive-aggressively, and then starts a fight when asked a direct question, all to the usual chorus of boos. Surely they wouldn’t punish Texas by making them watch Roman Reigns win a title twice in six months, right?

– Chris Jericho d. Neville (submission, Liontamer)

You read that right, Jericho used an actual old-school Liontamer to put away Neville.

– Nia Jax d. Hyane (pinfall, Samoan Powerslam)

– Sami Zayn d. Jinder Mahal (pinfall, Helluva Kick)

An interview aired from the pre-show in which Sasha Banks confirmed that she won’t need surgery for her back issues, but blamed Charlotte for attempting to end her career. Charlotte was out to speak with the commentary team about the video, and remained there for the next match.

– Bayley and The New Day d. Dana Brooke and (former doctors) Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows (Bayley pinned Dana, Bayley-To-Belly Suplex)

– Sheamus d. Cesaro to take a 2-0 lead in the “Best of Seven” series (submission, Cloverleaf)

A tribute video aired for Mr. Fuji, including clips from the infamous “Fuji Vice”.

– Braun Strowman d. Americo (pinfall, Flapjack)

– Stephanie McMahon called Paul Heyman to the ring to explain Brock Lesnar’s actions at SummerSlam. Actually, she was about to call him to the ring before Heyman interrupted her self-indulgent rant and came down on his own. Stephanie demanded an apology, but instead Heyman pulled out a stack of dollar bills to pay Brock’s fine. Stephanie attempted to threaten Heyman’s employment, but Heyman made veiled threats about what might happen if Stephanie didn’t accept his apology, implying that the presence of Brock Lesnar could tip the balance in the war for control of WWE one way…or the other.

– Darren Young d. Titus O’Neil (pinfall, Crucifix pin)

Titus destroyed Young and Backund after the match. So this feud continues, apparently.

– Kevin Owens won an Elimination Match to become the WWE Universal Champion

Kevin Owens eliminated Big Cass with a Frog Splash. Triple H made a shocking return to Pedigree Roman Reigns outside the ring, allowing Rollins to pin Reigns. Then in an even more shocking move, Triple H turned on Rollins and Pedigreed him, handing Kevin Owens the win and the title!

Stephen Randle

Stephen Randle

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