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WWE Payback Results

Here all the results from the WWE Payback PPV, which took place Sunday, May 1st in Chicago, Illinois.

Pre-Show Matches

Dolph Ziggler defeated Baron Corbin

Ziggler pinned Corbin with a roll-up.

Kalisto defeated Ryback to retain the WWE United States Title

Kalisto won the match with Salida Del Sol.

WWE Payback

Enzo Amore and Big Cass vs The Vaudevillains went to a No Contest

During the match, Enzo attempted to slide under the bottom rope during an Irish Whip and accidentally caught his arm in the ropes, slamming his head into the ring apron in the process and legitimately knocking himself unconscious. The match was thrown out as medical personnel attended to Enzo, who was eventually taken to a medical facility. At last report, Enzo was conscious, able to speak, and could move his extremities. The official diagnosis was a concussion, however, all other tests were reportedly negative.

Kevin Owens defeated Sami Zayn

Owens won with a Pop-Up Powerbomb. After the match, Owens threw Zayn out of the ring, delivered an in-ring promo where he declared himself the better man, and invited himself to sit in on commentary for the next match.

The Miz defeated Cesaro to retain the WWE Intercontinental Title

During the match, Sami Zayn returned and attacked Owens. The two men brawled around ringside and onto the ring apron, distracting Cesaro long enough for Miz to get a flash pin while holding the tights. All four men continued brawling after the match.

Dean Ambrose defeated Chris Jericho

Ambrose countered the Lionsault and hit Dirty Deeds for the win.

Charlotte defeated Natalya to retain the WWE Women’s Title

The referee (Charles Robinson, aka “Li’l Naitch”) rang the bell for no apparent reason while Charlotte had Natalya in the Sharpshooter. Why yes, they did do a Montreal Screwjob finish, thanks for asking.

In a very, very long promo, Vince McMahon eventually declared that both Shane and Stephanie would have equivalent power over Raw. So, who’s in charge of Smackdown?

AJ Styles defeated Roman Reigns by Count-Out

Styles hit a Phenomenal Forearm on Reigns that put both men through the announce table, and Reigns could not beat the count to get back in the ring.

Fortunately, Shane McMahon restarted the match with a “No Countout” stipulation.

AJ Styles defeated Roman Reigns by DQ

Reigns hit Styles in the crotch (accidentally?) when Styles jumped off the top rope, causing the DQ.

We bet you can guess what happened next.

Yep, Stephanie McMahon restarted the match with a “No DQ” stipulation.

Roman Reigns defeated AJ Styles to retain the WWE World Heavyweight Championship

Anderson and Gallows ran in to attack Reigns, but The Usos ran out to fight them. Styles and Reigns both wiped out the interference, then Reigns speared Styles for the pin.

Backstage, Shane and Steph announced that Styles would face Reigns in an Extreme Rules match at, well, Extreme Rules.

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