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WWE Network Makes List Of Top Streaming Services

WWE Network, the online video streaming service created by WWE, housing thousands of hours of archived wrestling footage and original content, is now one of the five best subscription-based streaming services in the world, based on a report released earlier today. On the overall list, WWE Network ranks fifth with 1.2 million subscribers. Unsurprisingly, Netflix topped the list with over 70 million subscribers. Maybe WWE should re-think that “like Netflix, but better” tagline they’ve been trying out recently, but still, it is a major achievement for the Network and WWE in general, as they are only behind MLB.TV in terms of sports-related streaming services.

Here’s the entire top ten list, which was released by market research firm Parks Associates.

1. Netflix
2. Amazon
3. Hulu
5. WWE Network
6. HBO Now
7. Crunchyroll
8. NFL Game Pass
9. The Blaze
10. SlingTV

Stephen Randle

Stephen Randle

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