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WWE Has Apparently Changed Their Hiring Policy For Wrestlers

Over the past decade, we’ve seen a lot of young talents make their way into WWE, as they attempted to groom the next generation of wrestlers from the ground up, as well as snagging any potential stars early in their independent careers. Notable names among the younger wrestlers to show up on WWE programming are Paige, who holds the record for youngest Divas champion in history when she won it in her WWE debut at 21, and former WWE Superstars Rene Dupree (the youngest wrestler to win any WWE Title, winning the World Tag Team titles at 19) and Kelly Kelly, who debuted on the ECW brand at 19.

However, it looks like that policy has changed recently, as WWE has reportedly decided that they will no longer be signing any wrestlers under the age of 21. Apparently during a recent tryout in Australia, a 19-year-old applicant was told that she was not eligible to be hired, although she was welcome to try again when she turned 21. No official reason has been given for the change, but if we had to guess, WWE is probably looking for performers who slightly more mature and dedicated to a long-term wrestling career, as opposed to younger athletes who might not have fully made up their minds what they want to do with their lives. Or maybe there are simply liability issues in play that they’ve been forced to start addressing, who knows.

Stephen Randle

Stephen Randle

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