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WWE Fans Were Furious Over Brock Lesnar’s Ultra Short Match at a Chicago House Show

Brock Lesnar doesn’t appear very often at WWE house shows. Actually, he doesn’t appear very often on WWE television either. But in some major cities, exceptions have been made. He wrestled a house show in New York City last year and was advertised to be appearing at one in Chicago over the weekend. Unfortunately for fans who paid to see the Beast Incarnate, Lesnar’s match was less than a minute long and he barely broke a sweat.

In a match that wasn’t even the main event (but was billed as a championship match, with the Universal title on the line), Lesnar squashed poor Kane in a little over 30 seconds. Lesnar hit three German suplexes and then reversed a chokeslam into an F5 for the easy night’s work.

Fans were pretty upset though. Sure, no one expected Brock and Kane to engage in a 40-minute battle that would go down in history as one of the best matches ever, but 35 seconds seems a little brief for one of the top advertised draws in WWE right now. And maybe, just maybe, fans had Roman Reign’s epic promo from the week before, where he publicly thrashed Lesnar’s cushy contract status and lack of passion for the wrestling industry, still fresh in their minds.

Here’s a snippet of the anger from social media:

Of course, we’re probably all getting worked. After Roman’s “shoot” promo last week, and then Lesnar stiffing fans at a house show with an appearance so short that many fans probably missed it because they were in the bathroom or in line for a hot dog, the WWE is slowly angling for Reigns to be cheered at WrestleMania as the “defender of wrestling’s honor,” while Lesnar will get booed as the “money hungry mercenary.”

Plus, Lesnar’s contract expires after WrestleMania and he’s already teased a return to the UFC. Maybe they need to send him out as a bad guy to justify not ponying up more cash to keep him around.

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

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