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WWE Facing Another Lawsuit

It has been reported that WWE is staring down the barrel of another lawsuit that could potentially have far-reaching consequences, as former Superstar Rene Dupree has filed a class action lawsuit demanding royalties for use of footage in which he appeared on the WWE Network, and when WWE had a deal to provide content for Netflix. Dupree is claiming that there is a clause in the contract he signed as a Superstar that promises to pay him royalties for footage used in “technology not yet invented”, which he believes includes streaming video services like the WWE Network, which did not exist while he was employed by WWE. It should be noted that all current talent contracts do have a specific clause that excludes royalties in the case of Network subscription fees.

However, WWE’s lawyers have quickly fired back, stating that Dupree signed something in 2011 which directly related to his claims, and would apparently prevent his lawsuit from having any merit. It was implied that WWE’s lawyers believe that Dupree concealed this agreement from his lawyers, which if true, would likely bring a swift end to this lawsuit.

Stephen Randle

Stephen Randle

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