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WWE Announces Authority Figure For Tonight’s Raw

Last week on Raw, Vince McMahon suddenly put his son Shane in charge, after spending weeks trying to destroy him so he wouldn’t be in charge of Raw. Meanwhile, the regular faces in control, The Authority, were nowhere to be seen. This all led to speculation on who would be in charge of WWE going forward (on-screen, anyway), and it seems that for at least one more week, it will be Shane-O-Mac.

Yes, Shane McMahon will be in charge of Raw again tonight. It turns out that instead of a wildly convoluted scheme involving wrestling The Undertaker at WrestleMania, all he really needed to do was win a poll on social media. Not that we’re upset, in fact, we’re quite pleased, because Shane’s duties last week seemed to be “hang out backstage and make matches off-screen that people want to see”, making him the best GM in at least the last few years in our books. But will someone explain what the heck the point of the Hell in a Cell match was again?

Stephen Randle

Stephen Randle

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