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WATCH: Video Of WWE Performance Center Shooting Released

In August, a man named Armando Montalvo was shot after charging at deputies outside the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida. At the time, Montalvo was violating a restraining order placed on him by WWE for allegedly stalking a trainee at the Center, including an incident where he is accused of smearing feces on the walls of the building. Montalvo suffered critical injuries as a result of the shooting, but was later released from hospital, and is currently free on bond, with a trial set to take place in February.

Today, a news station in Orlando released security and cell phone camera footage of the incident which led to the shooting. In it, you can watch Montalvo’s action outside the Performance Center, right up until his appears to attack officers with a rock. The actual shooting is not visible on the footage, but viewing these videos may still be disturbing to some viewers.

Here’s the footage taken both from security cameras and cellphones of people inside the Performance Center at the time. It’s preceded by a brief video shot by Montalvo at some point before the incident:

Stephen Randle

Stephen Randle

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