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WATCH: Supercut of Every Royal Rumble Surprise Entry From Last Decade

For many wrestling fans, the Royal Rumble is one of their favorite moments of the year. The chaos and storytelling (when done right) of a 30-man, over-the-top-rope battle royal is the perfect way to kick off the Road to Wrestlemania. And of course, every year the WWE surprises fans with a couple of head-turning entries that make for some mark out moments.

Whether it’s a superstar returning early from injury, a Hall of Famer coming out for one last match, or a big name free agent making their WWE debut, the Royal Rumble continues to keep wrestling fans guessing. Reddit user Alexdd0007 compiled clips of every surprise Rumble entry since the 2008 version, and put them all together in one massive supercut.

Get ready to re-live ten years of marking out. We sure did.

Royal Rumble surprise entrants from alex on Vimeo.

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

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