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WATCH: Arrow’s Stephen Amell Wins A WWE Slammy Award

At SummerSlam, star of The CW’s Arrow and lifelong wrestling fan Stephen Amell stepped into the ring for a tag team match against constant Twitter nemesis and real-life cartoon supervillain Stardust. Amell’s team was victorious, and his actions during that match won him a Slammy Award for “Best Celebrity Moment of the Year”, but it seems like somebody doesn’t feel that things are quite finished between them.

Don’t think that Amell doesn’t know what Stardust is up to, either. Here’s his post from Facebook.

“Cody has my ‪#‎Slammy‬. I’m TRYING to enjoy my vacation. Response is forthcoming.”

WrestleMania rematch? WrestleMania rematch.

Stephen Randle

Stephen Randle

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