Vince Russo Tries To Defend Bra And Panties Matches For Some Reason

Former writer for WWE, WCW, and TNA, podcast host, and grumpy old man Vince Russo, who hasn’t been even remotely relevant to modern wrestling since the Attitude Era, apparently woke up this morning and decided to take issue with WWE Superstar Sasha Banks and her heartfelt speech about the evolution of women’s wrestling in WWE. During her promo, Sasha derided the idea of “bra and panties” matches from the Attitude Era, a statement which apparently got Russo, who has always taken credit (and also been widely blamed, not that he acknowledges it) for the “edgy” content of that time, all hot and bothered.

That’s right, women stripping down to their underwear won the Monday Night War. Bet you didn’t know that. You thought it was guys like Steve Austin and The Rock peaking at the right time, a motivated Vince McMahon fighting with his back to the wall, and WCW making a series of terrible business decisions (including, but not limited to, hiring Vince Russo to write their shows) that ultimately sank them as a company, but you were so wrong!

You’ll also note that Russo essentially admits that he knew the women of the Attitude Era were great and capable of much more, and chose to book them as eye candy instead.

Of course, the whole point of Tuxedo matches was that absolutely nobody wanted to see the people involved in them (past participants in these type of matches have included Harvey Whipplement and ring announcer Howard Finkel) in their underwear, but I suppose that wouldn’t line up with whatever his point is supposed to be.

We assumed that at least some women might actually like watching wrestling, but clearly we were mistaken. By the way, while we’re never going to deny that the current women wrestlers of WWE are attractive, we’re far more interested in seeing them on TV because they’re also awesome wrestlers, whereas the era of non-wrestling models rolling around the ring only gave us a chance to visit the bathroom mid-show.

At this point, we’d also offer to turn in our Man card, but we threw it away years ago when we became intelligent, functioning adults and realized the entire concept of “being a man” through some ridiculous set of rules designed to keep us from evolving as a civilization was stupid.

Okay, so having said that, we now need to ask everyone to stop paying attention to Vince Russo. We don’t feel like we can emphasize this enough. If everyone stops listening to him, he’ll probably go away. We know by writing this story that we’re part of the problem, but we did this mostly as a sort of PSA of why you should absolutely never listen to anything this man says, about wrestling or anything else. Thank you for your time.

Stephen Randle

Stephen Randle

Stephen Randle is an avid wrestling and film fan. He's been writing about WWE, movies, and video games for Goliath since 2015.