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Vince McMahon Says NXT Is Behind The Brand Extension

Many have wondered why WWE would go back to splitting their roster after the original brand split was a rollercoaster ride of ups and downs which ended fairly poorly, with the prevailing theory being that USA Network, which pays a fairly large sum to air both Raw and Smackdown, wanted Smackdown to become a more important show and get ratings comparable to Raw (something it hasn’t done roughly since the original split ended). And while that may be true, during the quarterly shareholder conference call that occurs as part of WWE reporting their financial situation, Vince McMahon gave another reason why WWE decided to bring back the brand extension (transcript via

Asked what the rationale was for going back to a brand split, McMahon replied, “We have a plethora of talent from Paul Levesque’s influence on NXT.”

McMahon said when you have too much talent, you can’t exploit it. So, the option is to take the talent and develop two distinct brands.

McMahon said they did it before with success until they “ran out of talent.” He said now WWE “won’t run out of talent with the Performance Center.”

That’s right, because NXT is signing and developing so much awesome talent, they had to split the main roster so they could call as many people up as possible. That would explain why WWE has basically pillaged NXT since WrestleMania, leaving behind only a few top talents that are also expected to be called up in the upcoming months. It’s also interesting to see Vince give all the credit to Triple H. While HHH is considered the “father of NXT”, we’re just surprised to see Vince let someone else get all the accolades.

Oh, and this should also be another sign that if you haven’t been watching NXT up until now, you should definitely start.

Stephen Randle

Stephen Randle

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