US Champion Rusev To Miss Clash of Champions PPV

For those of you who were wondering where the United States Champion Rusev has been these last couple of weeks, and why it seems like his feud with Roman Reigns has been put on the backburner, well, the answer is surprisingly simple: he got married. Yes, we know, he already got married, but this was a second ceremony, held in Rusev’s actual home country of Bulgaria, in front of his family who likely could not attend their small beach wedding (that was filmed for Total Divas) a few weeks ago. After tying the knot a second time, Rusev and Lana went on a much-deserved honeymoon, and thanks to social media, we know exactly how long that vacation is going to last.

In case you didn’t want to bother doing the math, 23 days is post-Clash of Champions, which we suppose makes the title of the PPV extra ironic. It would also explain why Roman Reigns is back in the Universal Title scene, after confronting Kevin Owens on Raw. Although, given what happened as Raw went off the air, we wouldn’t be shocked to see KO’s best buddy Jericho insert himself into that situation and create a stop-gap opponent for Reigns at the Clash.

Stephen Randle

Stephen Randle

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