UFC Will Not Take Any Of Brock Lesnar’s Money

Despite the fact that Brock Lesnar has now publicly failed two separate USADA drug tests in relation to his UFC 200 fight, which could carry a sizable suspension that would likely end Lesnar’s MMA career for good, and UFC’s history of taking away paychecks and bonuses from other fighters in the past for similar violations, it has been reported that there are current no plans for UFC to dock Lesnar any of the money he was paid for his heavyweight fight against Mark Hunt, including any bonuses he earned. Meanwhile, Brock’s opponent, Mark Hunt, has made public statements that he wants UFC to give him a sizeable portion of Brock’s pay, and has threatened to quit the company if he isn’t appeased, which we would also suspect they won’t be doing.

Lesnar will likely not escape without a significant financial hit, however, as the USADA will still almost certainly levy a heavy fine against him, which could cost the Beast Incarnate millions of dollars.

Meanwhile, in WWE, plans are still in place that will see Lesnar face Randy Orton in a heavily promoted match at the upcoming SummerSlam PPV, regardless of the fallout from the USADA or any suspensions and fines incurred by Lesnar as a result.

Stephen Randle

Stephen Randle

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