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Tough Enough Winner Mocks WWE On Twitter, Wrestlers Respond

It seems like one of the winners of the most recent season of Tough Enough, which aired on the USA Network in late 2015, hasn’t yet learned how to behave on social media when you’re the new guy in a company watched by millions of people every week. Last night, Tough Enough champion Josh Bredl (who is currently training at the WWE Performance Center under the name Bronson Matthews) took to Twitter and criticized Heath Slater’s new Social Outcast stable, calling them “#SocialJobbers”. That Tweet has been deleted, but not before many WWE Superstars caught wind of it, including Kevin Owens (who, unsurprisingly, blocked Bredl on Twitter after responding), Stardust, and all four members of the Social Outcasts.

Here’s a selection from the Twitter onslaught which followed:

One would hope that Josh Bredl, who won a contest to get contract worth $250,000 to become a part of WWE, will learn some respect for the hard-working veterans, who started from the bottom and had to work their way up, as a result of this mess.

Stephen Randle

Stephen Randle

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