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Tough Enough Contestant Claims Show Was Rigged

We’re just as shocked as you are. Which is to say, not really. But in any event, Tanner Saraceno, a contestant on the critically-derided last season of Tough Enough, recently did an interview where he said that all the sit-down interviews for the show were heavily scripted, and WWE attempted to edit the program in a way which would make fans vote for Josh Bredl, who eventually did win the competition, and Amanda Saccomann, who finished second by was still hired and recently debuted as the newest cast member of Total Divas on E! Network.

Mind you, none of this should be particularly surprising, and it’s definitely not unique to WWE’s “reality” shows. However, this does help explain how Patrick, the only contestant who showed interest in pro wrestling, was later portrayed in unfavorable ways that led to him being cut from the competition, and how Tanner himself, who had a legitimate MMA background, was constantly exposed during promo competitions. It’s also hilarious, and a perfect example of WWE’s issues with their main wrestling product, to learn that WWE apparently did not see eventual winner Sara Lee’s rise to popularity (by being more dedicated to training and less to cat-fighting with the other females) coming and didn’t expect her to beat Amanda in fan voting.

You can listen to the full interview on the Wrestling Observer Live show from this past Sunday.

Stephen Randle

Stephen Randle

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